Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol.3 WAV

Vengeance – EDM Essentials Sample Pack Vol.3 (WAV) Download

Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol.3 WAV
Publisher : Vengeance

Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Vengeance EDM Essentials Sample Pack Vol.3 is back with a Vengeance! Volume 3 is here and its bigger and better than ever: Enjoy unbelievable 3200 modern production sounds for big room EDM, such as Kicks (and tonal multi kits), claps, snares, cymbals, effects (with long risers), vocals, synth shots, drumloops (hats only, percussion only etc). Around 80% of this samplepack is oneshots, for directly loading & using it in your favourite VSTi sampler. All oneshots have Vengeance’ premium quality: precisely cut, all equal level of volume, ready to use instantly, optimized to cut perfectly through any mix. The creator Andy Hinz spend a long time creating and collecting only the best sounds for this huge samplepack. But the best thing is, that it contains all current subgenres of EDM, so no matter what you want to produce, brazilian bass, electro house, dubstep, garage, bounce, future bass/house, trance or synth/chart pop – this pack will become you main inspirational source for every task!get it now at

Only out of the oven, absolutely new sample package from sample fathers – reFx Vengeance! Well, everyone already knows the content of their packs – a wide selection of drums: 3 types of kicks (Deep Kicks for Deep House, Punch Kicks for more driving styles, Future House, Future Bouce, Bass House and Tonal Kicks – for the great space that has gone down in history.

A total of 559 pieces), valves (ordinary valves, wide valves for sleepers, presets, finger clicks. Only 220 valves), collars (common, for dubstep , for future house and short large slings for a drop. A total of 244 pieces), a huge pile of percussion (clicks, mixed percussion, Romans, electronic percussion, toms … in short, dofiga, a total of 298 pieces), cymbals (hi-hat on cover, closed) … All types, Ryde, Reverse cymbal, crash (422 parts in total) … Yes, Dofiga only briefly, as usual in Vengeance packages (in the “content” of all content: D).

Examples of vengeance edm essentials torrent pre-made melodies sound pretty cool (I hear such music myself), there are Zakos under Dropgun, Brooks, but especially their own sound. My opinion – hev. Only hev, not mast, but you can download, listen. Get now

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