Waldorf – Largo2 v1.0.1 – R2R (VSTi, VST3i, AAX, AU) [WiN x64]

By | December 23, 2023

Waldorf – Largo2 v1.0.1 – R2R (VSTi, VST3i, AAX, AU) [WiN x64]

Year/Date of Issue: 11/30/23
Developer: Waldorf.
Developer website: Waldorf Music
Format: VSTi, VST3i, AAX, AU.
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Present [R2R]
System requirements: WIN 7+

Largo 2 is a software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. A complete Waldorf synthesizer for your virtual rack.
The user interface has been redesigned to ensure continuous scalability.
Whether you’re using a 5K monitor or a FHD laptop screen, whether you’re viewing it at full size
or as a small status display – the plugin always remains in focus.
3 fat oscillators per voice (two of them with sub-oscillators) with classic waveforms and 68 Wavetables,
taken from the legendary Microwave and Wave synthesizer, as well as Q and Blofeld – 2 independent multimode filters –
up to 4 layers per sound and 4 stereo outputs.
We’ve added different types of three-formant filters that simulate the frequency response of the human vocal tract.
Using the cutoff parameter, you can change the frequency of the vowels a-e-i-o-u for all your favorite choruses and voice modulations.

Changelog v1.0.1 :
Bug fixes
– New alternative UI coloring (Dark Mode) with higher contrast.
Activated/deactivated through the “File” menu. The selection is used as the initial choice for new instances of Largo 2 (does not affect running instances).
– Plugin UI resizing no longer applies when loading a bank from
with resizing information from Largo 2, only when loading a DAW project (DAW dependent).
– Several improvements for the file and program browser, e.g.
– Load bank/preset by double click.
– Multi-select in the file browser.
– Prevent deletion of scan folders and local library.
– More warning dialogs for unsuccessful operations.
– Loading AU presets from the file browser.
– AU in Logic Pro with Apple Silicon: Local library is now visible in the file browser.
Browser. Installed presets are now located in the /Users/Shared/Waldorf/Largo2/Presets directory (AU Plugin version only).
– Added tags and audio previews for 128 NKS presets of the “Factory Default” bank.
– NKS preset files are now VST3 based rather than VST based as NI is moving away from further VST support in their DAWs.
The VST version of Largo 2 is still fully functional in NI DAWs that support VST, but our preset files for Largo 2 will now always run a VST3 instance.
– Reduced delay when changing programs.
– Fixed manual entry of values, including for non-standard designations such as “80%” and special values such as “free”.
– Fixed unsolicited value change when clicking on the horizontal/vertical slider in the value field.
– Fixed the message about changing the program to the host (this eliminated problems when DAW projects did not save/restore the current program number).
– The current value of the Length, Slip and Stepper ARP Pattern controls is now shown on the top parameter status display when hovering over them
mouse or changing their value.
– Fixed display updating when changing category.

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