Xfer SERUM Skins Free for synthesizer

Xfer SERUM Skins Free for synthesizer v.1.3 + STANDALONE, VSTi x64

Skins for synthesizer Xfer SERUM v.1.3 + Enabled scaling from 110% and higher (Default will open up to 100%). As you know, we love Xfer Serum on The Highest Producers. We’ve designed a lot of presets for this amazing synth plugin and also created a free skin, called Fallout Pip-Boy Vault-Tech. If you liked this skin and are looking for new free skins to give a new look for Serum, you have come to the right place.

Xfer SERUM Skins Free for synthesizer

  1. Aurum
  2. Platinum
  3. Red Wine

Copy subfolders to C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Xfer \ Serum Presets \ Skins

24 Free Xfer Serum Skins to Download

  1. Hotline Miami by Unknown
  2. Massive by Entity & Zaneth
  3. Sketch by Thenatan
  4. Miruku by Miruku
  5. OTT by Entity & Zaneth
  6. Anthracite Free Skin by Aevi
  7. VR Red by Virtual Riot
  8. Ableton Skin by Nasko
  9. Colorful XS by Eliaswubs
  10. Antidote Free Serum Skin by Qoiet x Antidote Audio
  11. Dirty Teal by Echoworks
  12. Purple Feel by Unknown
  13. Rick N’ Morty by Wolf.wav
  14. Pro HDR Skin by Ninevibes.tv
  15. Tascione Skin by Justin Fowler
  16. Pixel Terror Skin by Justin Fowler
  17. Pierce Skin by Justin Fowler
  18. Kompany Skin by Justin Fowler
  19. Kill The Noise Skin
  20. Wood Grain
  21. Minimal
  22. Ghostify
  23. Prometheus by Lance Thackeray
  24. Fallout Pip-Boy Edition xfer serum skins free

Serum is an amazing synth plugin, but easy to get into a creative block when using any plugin for a long time. In that case, trying out a new serum skin can give it a fresh look and get you into a new creative zone!

You may try; Toontrack EZbass v1.1.2 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AU, AAX WIN.OSX x64


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