Bad Cat Samples – The Bass Pedals, The Indi Glock, The Music Box V2 (KONTAKT)

By | January 4, 2024

Bad Cat Samples – The Bass Pedals, The Indi Glock, The Music Box V2 (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Bad Cat Samples
Quality: 8 bit 22 kHz mono
Kontakt 5.3+

Bad Cat Samples The Bass Pedals KONTAKT EXS24 – What happens when you put dynamic and ribbon microphones in the front of a vintage Hammond Organ and try to record as many different tones as possible? The answer to this question is simple: a new release “The Bass Pedals” from the creators of “The Music Box”. The Bass Pedals are a tool that is capable of delivering sub-bass content, hard, punchy tones that cut through the mix, giving pseudo bass even on small devices.

Bad Cat Samples The Indi Glock KONTAKT EXS24 – the solution to find the perfect “Glock” sound. We wanted to create something that could sit naturally in the mix without the need for too much additional processing. The library was recorded using a ribbon microphone, running through a tube preamp and untouched AD converters. The result is a sound that fits well with any track that calls for a similar sound.
Bad Cat Samples The Music Box V2 KONTAKT EXS24 – We took 16 different music boxes and carefully recorded every note to create an expressive, nuanced instrument.

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