Vengeance – Avenger Expansion Pack: PSY (AVENGER)

By | January 4, 2024

Vengeance – Avenger Expansion Pack: PSY (AVENGER)

Publisher: Vengeance
Website: Vengeance-Sound

Description: “PSY” – a huge number of 268 presets for Psy-Trance! Consists of sharp bass, beautiful arpeggios, cutting leads, epic pads, evolving effects and tight drums. Plus, you’ll get 100 new arpeggiator patterns in your ARP library, as well as 97 new multisamples, 16 drum kits, and 218 new oscillators. This package is both: gigantic in size and sound quality!

268 Avenger Presets 16 new drumkits and seqs
100 new ARP patterns 97 new multisamples
218 new osc-shapes 13 new wavetables

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