gravez drum kit

Gravez – Ascension Drum Kit Vol. I (WAV) Free Download [2022]

gravez drum kit

Publisher : Gravez drum kit
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


You all asked. I finally listened ..
Just for y’all. 100% NO BLOAT.
I’ve seen this amazing piece of hair since I’ve been knocked down for years. Hopefully, you can make it better.
I might end up dropping.
Let me know.
gravez drum kit torrent


10 hand-crafted kicks
10 hand-crafted Snares
10 hand-crafted 808s
10 hand crafted loops and sounds used in previous productions
(Why No Hi Hats? Pretty sure y’all got enough of those lol)

Ascension Kit 3

  • The long-awaited next-installment in the Ascension series has finally arrived !!!
  • After the success of the first two kits, it was only right that I give you guys Part 3.
  • It took a while finishing this kit.. but after creating and crafting each and every sound, i’ve finally completed a crazy one.
  • In this kit I wanted to step outside the box as far as sounds goes which is where the “SLAPS” folder comes into play. Every sound in this folder was completely made from scratch and then mangled through FX’s and gear. Every sound in here can be used to give your claps, snares, etc. a unique edge to them.
  • The 808’s and Kicks were created from a Volca Modular Synthesizer, 3xosc, VST’s and then tweaked, mixed and warped to mimic the knock of the latest go-to sounds.
  • Also, once again I have included 20 hand-crafted samples I composed in the “Melodies” folder which are free to use.

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