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By | April 29, 2021

Newfangled Audio Generate

Newfangled Audio Generate Software Synthesizer

Newfangled Audio Generate Crack is a new poly-synthesizer developed by Newfangled Audio and distributed by Eventide. Generate combines top-line synthesizer abilities with its revolutionary “chaotic” oscillators. The results are beautifully complex pads, warm moving keys, jittery sequenced basses, (seemingly) out-of-control leads, and fantastical aural textures. This is a new synth that you must download the demo. I was enraptured for hours!

I thought programming Generate would be difficult but you can start with any of the huge collections of patches that come with it and just dive in! I liked the Matt Lange and Chris Carter folders. Three Global Synth modules are listed in a row at the top of the visually active GUI. There are five chaotic generators that fade from sine waves to total chaos; they act as the oscillators. The musical textures created include distortion, harmonics, grunge, static, and noise. Next is the Wavefolder with three choices of overtones generation and finally, an ADSR section—the most instantly recognizable synthesizer module in this plug!

I just love the square knobs for most tweak-able parameters—when you touch any synth module, be it Global, Envelope 1, Env2, LFO1, LFO2. Sample/Hold, or Sequencer, their perspective parameters show up in a single window. There are also a four band EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb. Finally, there is a limiter on the stereo output, as the level of things can get chaotic! Newfangled Audio’s Generate sells for $149 and comes in AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 versions and runs in either Windows 8.1+ or MACs 10.9 or higher.


  • Novel chaotic oscillator has 5 types: Double Pendulum, Vortex, Pulsar, Discharge, and Turbine.
  • Wavefolders based on the Buchla 259 Complex Waveform Generator, Fractals, and a special Animated Equation.
  • Low Pass Gate based on the Buchla 292 adds controls for POLES and RESONANCE.
  • Modulate all controls with MIDI/MPE, two Envelopes, two LFOs, Sample and Hold/Random, and a Step Sequencer.
  • Innovative modulation UI allows modulation over every control from the main page, allowing up to 377 simultaneous modulation routings.
  • Innovative EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, and Limiter effects to turn the sounds into magic.
  • MPE support allows amazing control from expressive controllers.
  • All mod sources have multiple outputs generated at once, as a modular synth should.
  • Modulation! Every mod output to every control means up to 551 modulation routes in an intuitive single pane.
  • Animations! The Double Pendulum, Wavefolder, and Low Pass Gate modules each have animations to show how each module responds to your input and modulation.
  • Three unique colour schemes to customize your look.
  • Over 450 Presets, including many renowned artists.


Newfangled Audio Generate Crack is based on a set of chaotic generators.  What looks like randomness contains underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization. Each of Generate’s 5 chaotic generators bring out these underlying patterns and create an oscillator that can smoothly fade from a sine wave to total chaos, with an expanse of territory to explore in between.  The musical textures created include distortion, harmonics, grunge, static, and noise.  All of which can be predictably or unpredictably modulated. Get now

System Requirements


  • Windows 8 and later (32 / 64bit)
  • AAX, VST2, VST3 (32 / 64-bit)


  • macOS 10.9 and later (64-bit only) (macOS 11 Big Sur only supported on Intel-based Mac systems)
  • AAX, AU, VST2, VST3 (64-bit)

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