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Pro Studio Live – DR Ford The Science of Mixing [Tutorial, ENG]

Release Year : 2019 Manufacturer : Pro Studio Live Manufacturer Website : prostudiolive Posted by : DR Ford Duration : 4 hours Distribution Type : Video Tutorial : pro studio live torrent Sample files : none Video Format : MP4 Video : 2102-4456 Kbps, 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 29970 (30000/1001) frames / second, AVC Audio : 256 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC… Read More »

Sonnox Oxford Bundle Crack Mac Free VST Download [2022]

Download Sonnox Oxford Bundle (Mac) Free Audio Plugins Sonnox Oxford Bundle Crack Free Download is a highly efficient de-esser and dynamic equaliser; The Restore Suite for sophisticated audio restoration; and finally, the revolutionary Fraunhofer Pro Codec, a real-time plug-in for playing and encoding audio in various formats, including iTunes, are among the Sonnox Oxford Bundle… Read More »

RJ Studios releases SideMinder ME2 with “fit it in the mix WIDTHWISE” sidechain input

Description: RJ Studios has released SideMinder ME2, the 2nd generation of their multi-band Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer plugin. Here’s what they’re saying: SideMinder ME2 is a unique stereo enhancement plugin that dynamically maximizes the stereo width of a mix similar to the way a limiter maximizes the amplitude – all while preventing width “over-widening” that can cause… Read More »

Spitfire Audio – BBC Symphony Orchestra Free VST/AU/AAX Plugin

Description: BBC Symphonic Orchestra Free Discover of Spitfire Audio is a FREE plugin with many fantastic orchestral instruments. The twist is in the purchases of the plugin. You can get it for free but you have to wait 14 days after registering, or you can buy it for 49 dollars or euros and use it directly.… Read More »

FideliQuest – FiDef Plugin v1.0.20 (VST, AAX) [WiN x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 02.2021 Version: 1.0.20 Developer: FideliQuest Developer site: fidef Format: VST, AAX Bit depth: 64bit Tabletka: cured System requirements: VST, AAX Description: FideliQuest uses a highly specialized proprietary process to create a custom noise profile that is closely related to the original sound. The layer of noise is inaudible, but FiDef… Read More »

Newfangled Audio Generate Crack AAX, AU, VST2 | Audio Plugins

Newfangled Audio Generate Software Synthesizer Newfangled Audio Generate Crack is a new poly-synthesizer developed by Newfangled Audio and distributed by Eventide. Generate combines top-line synthesizer abilities with its revolutionary “chaotic” oscillators. The results are beautifully complex pads, warm moving keys, jittery sequenced basses, (seemingly) out-of-control leads, and fantastical aural textures. This is a new synth that… Read More »

Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel MK ll 2.5.9 (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

Year / Date of Issue: 01.2021 Version: 2.5.9 Developer: Softube Developer site: softube Format: VST, VST3, AAX Bit depth: 64bit Tabletka: cured System requirements: Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10 Description: Softube Tube-Tech Classic Mk II version of our beloved Tube-Tech Classic Channel benefits from all the sonic enhancements in its component parts –… Read More »