ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Free Download (1)

ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Free Download | Hollywood Piano Preset

ReFX – Hollywood Piano Preset

ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Free Download (and Nexus 3) addition Hollywood Piano, I go over the many sounds that are included. As well as listening to some of the arpeggios and the individual sounds, I’m also experimenting with a few of the sounds. Although the Nexus VST is being used in FL Studio in this post, it is compatible with the majority of DAWs.

ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Free Download (1)

Have you been looking for the best piano samples around?

Look no further! Hollywood Piano offers a vast and truly gigantic multisample library of some of the best modern grand piano sounds available. All of these best-in-class pianos were painstakingly recorded with countless velocity zones by Manuel Schleis himself, with state-of-the-art recording equipment, and a lot of care, time, and love. Enjoy the finest nuances in touch and action with Hollywood Piano, including organic pedal noises when using the sustain pedal. A variety of unique macro assignments will also empower you to tweak sounds precisely to meet your needs.

ReFX Nexus 4 | Hollywood Piano | Presets Preview (No Talking)

  • Have you searched the market for the best piano samples? Look nowhere else! One of the largest and most comprehensive multisample libraries of the best contemporary grand piano sounds is provided by Hollywood Piano.
  • Manuel Schleis painstakingly recorded each of these best-in-class pianos with multiple velocity zones using cutting-edge recording technology, attention, and love.
  • With Hollywood Piano, you may experience the finest touches and actions, including natural pedal noises when you press the sustain pedal. Additionally, you’ll be able to precisely adjust sounds to suit your demands thanks to a range of special macro assignments.
  • You can finally own that cozy, rich “Hollywood” piano sound with this upgrade! Please be aware that this large expansion pack requires 2.4 and has 32 settings.

NEXUS 4 (v4.5.4 version) History


  • Added “Tube” insert-FX to make clean sounds more dirty.
  • Added biLFO1 and biLFO2 modulation sources to the main-mod-matrix.
  • Added a fifth function slot to the layers.


  • “Ducker” now has a quick fade out at the end.
  • Cleaned up modulation source menu.


  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.

This is a walkthrough, of ReFX Nexus 4 Expansion Free Download Pack:

Vintage Synths, showing some sounds and sequences of this wonderful expansion pack… This is like finding a true gem in an antique store! Vintage Synths offers you all of the iconic analog and digital synthesizers of the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s. As a longtime collector of the original hardware gear from these decades, Manuel Schleis has spent the last year carefully creating presets and extensively sampling them for further layering in Nexus. Visiting these presets is like joyfully walking down memory lane in a vintage music store. They offer countless nostalgic surprises for producers of all music genres.

How to use Nexus 4 like a Pro?

XP Hollywood Piano32 presets

  1. ARA Welcome
  2. ARBassline Petto
  3. ARFairytales
  4. ARInterlude
  5. ARMagic 4 Chords
  6. ARPiano Bows
  7. ARPrelude
  8. ARRavers Pope
  9. CHPiano Orch-Hit
  10. FXReversals
  11. FXReversed Synced
  12. LDDancepiano 2k21
  13. LDMega 80s Rompler Stack 1
  14. LDMega 80s Rompler Stack 2
  15. PDCloudiano
  16. PDPiano Paddings
  17. PNCinematic Rinse
  18. PNDance-Pop Piano 1 2Vel
  19. PNDance-Pop Piano 2 2Vel
  20. PNDance-Pop Piano 3 2Vel
  21. PNGrand Ambience
  22. PNIsolation
  23. PNLost in Trance
  24. PNPop Piano 80s
  25. PNPop Piano Balanced
  26. PNSteinway & Sons B-211 ECO Pop 2Vel
  27. PNSteinway & Sons B-211 Master 13Vel
  28. PNSteinway & Sons D-274 ECO Pop 2Vel
  29. PNSteinway & Sons D-274 Master 6Vel
  30. PNYamaha C3 Grand Master 23Vel
  31. PNYamaha C7 Grand ECO 3Vel
  32. PNYamaha C7 Grand Master 3Vel 5RR

PC minimum system requirements

  • VST, VST3 or AAX host software
  • Pentium class 2.0 GHz processor with SSE3 support
  • 8GB of RAM (16GB or more highly recommended)
  • Display with 1024-by-768 or higher resolution
  • Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11
  • Internet connection to download license
  • 64-bit only

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