RJ Studios releases SideMinder ME2 with “fit it in the mix WIDTHWISE” sidechain input

By | August 1, 2021

SideMinder ME2


RJ Studios has released SideMinder ME2, the 2nd generation of their multi-band Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer plugin. Here’s what they’re saying:

SideMinder ME2 is a unique stereo enhancement plugin that dynamically maximizes the stereo width of a mix similar to the way a limiter maximizes the amplitude – all while preventing width “over-widening” that can cause phase cancellation when mixed to mono.

SideMinder ME2 now features an external sidechain input that allows new possibilities in mixing applications including the ability to “fit a signal in the mix widthwise”.

SideMinder ME2 is a completely rewritten, 2nd generation of the original SideMinder ME plugin with the following new features:

  • User-resizable GUI with automatic 2x scale for high DPI video monitors.
  • Numerical values of controls displayed on the GUI.
  • Double-click text entry of control values.
  • New “Relative” control link mode allows moving all controls in a group up/down while retaining their relative settings.
  • Optional stereo sidechain input** that allows modulating the width of the stereo source in complementary response to the varying width of a stereo sidechain source – i.e., “fit it in the mix WIDTHWISE“.
  • Improved stereo width limiter algorithm – produces more transparent width control and a wider, more “3D-like”, stereo image.
  • Global and individual band Trim controls for level matching.
  • Static Width adjust “out” controls allow quick audition of the static width adjustment being applied without having to change width settings.


In  the  same  way  that  compressors  and  limiters  enhance  and  control  the  AMPLITUDE  of  audio  signals  the  SideMinder 2  plugins  enhance  and  control  the WIDTH  of  stereo  signals.    For  example,  pushing  up  the  Width  control  on  the  SideMinder  plugins  is  like  pushing  up  the  drive  control  into  a  limiter.   And  in  the same way that a peak limiter prevents amplitude “overs” the SideMinder plugins prevent WIDTH “overs” where mono compatibility becomes reduced.This  is  not  the  same  thing  as  mid/side  compression  which  works  on  the  absolute  AMPLITUDES  of  the  mid/side  signals.    SideMinder  works  on  the  relative RATIOs of the mid/side signals while leaving the amplitude of the stereo signal relatively untouched.

**Optional sidechain input requires a stereo signal and is therefore not available on DAWs that only support mono sidechains (such as Pro Tools). Get now

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