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By | September 24, 2020

sonalksis studio one bundle

The complete set of sonalksis studio one bundle processing tools. Record, sculpt, experiment and refine your sound with this supreme collection.


An essential part of any studio. designed by the best, the EQ, Compressor and Gate use ‘state-space’ technology to model real analogue circuits.

Multi-Band Dynamics:

Sculpt your audio with perfect precision, using these unique ‘Dynamic EQ’ plugins.

Creative Elements:

Enjoy endless experimentation as you add creative impact to your mixes. Intuitive and direct – the perfect companion to stimulate the most inspired moments.

Mastering Suite:

Prepare your mixes for delivery with the ultimate wax and polish – the perfect way to refine your projects.

Side Notes:

R2R has decided to release some of their earlier INTERNAL releases to the public today





Size: 32.45 MB

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Sonalksis tbk:

Now one last plugin sonalksis tbk before we go and it’s this one here the free G and thankfully the word free in its name is because it is free you can go and grab this now even if you have nothing else in this analysis bundle.

Plug-in Free-G:

So this is a giveaway plug-in and it’s a pretty good one too so I’d recommend you go and grab Free-G either way so let’s quickly discuss what this is for and then go over all the controls this is a plugin that you can put over any channel in my case.

Sonalksis Free G Manual Control:

I’ve got Groove 3 over my master channel but it can act as a little insert to give you control over all sorts of things including main output level here you can also trim the input with sonalksis free g manual control here and you can pan from this control here so if I run this track now I can pull down the output level.

Sonalksis Plugin Manager:

There just like a fader on a channel I can trim the input from here I can pan the whole thing to one side there and then I’ve got these other controls here now this one here is a phase reversal control now at the moment being a stereo instance of the Sonalksis Plugin Manager it’s flipping both channels at the same time.
So we probably won’t be able to hear any difference it’s changing the absolute polarity of the performance but if this was a mono insert then would be able to flip the phase on one side to correct any problems that may exist over here.

Sonalksis Studio One Bundle:

Just a bypass for the entire sonalksis studio one bundle so if I’ve got that turning things down that I bypass we go back to the unbiased version so Groove3 just corresponds with the bypass in your host over here is the mute which will meet that entire channel in case things are getting out of control which enables you to use this plug-in perhaps as a master volume controller as well.


If you haven’t got a dedicated piece of hardware and finally here is the fine control and what this does is changes sonalksis free g manual meter scale here into a much finer one now this is a really clever feature so for instance right now at an extremely coarse control and turn sonalksis all the way down or blow things up really loud there.

Sonalksis Studio One Bundle Mac:

But if we switch over into the setup pane here and you get to that by clicking on this free G logo here I have a fine range control here so 6 12 or 18 DB so for instance let’s make sonalksis studio one bundle mac 6 DB and apply that now when I switch into fine mode the entire range of this fader is going to be just 6 DB which is a really clever feature.

Sonalksis 315:

So let’s do that switch and define rate and you can see the scaling changes I do that now that’s all the way down that’s all the way out so it’s like a 12 DB throw from the bottom to the top six up 2-0 and another six on top really nice feature most of the other things in here we have covered in other sonalksis 315 so the default mode.

Sonalksis Stereo Tools Free Download:

In this case whether the plug-in defaults to the normal mode or this fine mode we just discuss ballistics of the meter we’ve covered the pan law we’ve covered in the stereo tools section whether the bypass button flashes or is a steady lead the mute button whether sonalksis stereo tools free download flashes or a steady lead and the trim range for the trim control.
That we showed on the front panel so the settings are quite straightforward they’re the only other thing we haven’t talked about here is the pre button and this shows whether the metering is pre or post the plug-in itself so let’s go for instance here get out of fine mode so you can see the standard metering there at the moment.

Sonalksis Stereo Tools:

Let’s pull sonalksis down so of course these meters have come down with me now if I’m in pre mode the meters are showing me the situation before the Sonalksis stereo Tools does its thing so we’ve seen the metering before I pull the output down pre versus post so that’s the free G plug-in go and get that immediately and that’s the end of our entire series on the synopsis bundle I hope you found that useful and I look forward to talking to you all again in my next series.

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