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Timbaland MasterClass Teaches Producing and Beatmaking [Tutorial]

timbaland masterclass

Year of release : 2019
Manufacturer : MasterClass
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Posted by : Timbaland
Duration : 180, 02 min.
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
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Find your rhythm!
Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland takes you on board and teaches the process of creating cult tracks like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Aaliyah. In his first ever online course, you’ll learn how to collaborate with vocalists, create new tracks and catch hooks. Step into the Timbaland studio and learn from one of the most innovative hit makers in the industry.

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01 Introduction
Meet your instructor: timbaland masterclass, producer of the top 40 hits for artists from Jay-Z to Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake. In the first lesson, Tim shows how to create a whole track using only voice and a microphone.
02 Studio Session: Creating a beatbox bit
Go to the studio to see the improvisation and creative response of the work. Tim teaches you how to create a beatbox song, starting with the loop he created in the first lesson, adding harmony, melody and texture.
03 Building Bits: Tim’s Process
It is important to create a workflow that will serve your personal creativity. Tim tells you about his digital equipment park and reveals the process of determining the sounds he uses in his music.
04 Bit Creation: Warming Up
Collaboration with producers and engineers is a key part of the Tim process. In this chapter, Tim talks about how he shares his music with his team to inspire them on a creative path.
05 Birth of a song: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
Tim recalls how he created the backing track for the Jay-Z hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and explains how to make a complex texture from simple elements.
06 Bit Creation: Chord Progression
Difficult songs can evolve from simple ideas. Tim and his co-producers show how a four-stroke chord sequence can form the structure of a multi-section song.
07 Creating a rhythm: tuning and overlaying the drums
The sound of Tim’s drums is legendary. Find out how sound technology can turn dry drums into something that threatens headphones.
08 Origin of the song: “Pony”
Using the example of Ginuwine “Pony”, Tim demonstrates how the choice of unique sounds can distinguish your musical production from the competition.
09 Bit Creation: Vocal Sampling
Join the team in the studio and co-producers Tim Fede Vindver and Angel Lopez will teach you how to capture your signature sound in samples with effects and plug-ins.
10 Bit Creation: Breakdown
Tim believes that a contrast from the first to the last bit is necessary to maintain interest in the song. Here he shows how to create such a contrast without changing the chord sequence of the song.
11 Birth of a song: “Gossip Folks”
timbaland masterclass torrent collaboration with Missy Elliott is active and iconic. Here Tim talks about how they worked together to create their hits, and shows how vintage samples can take the rhythm to a new level.
12 Bit Creation: Adding Topline
With the help of vocalist Adrian Mitchell from New City, Tim shows you the most important step in creating a hit – creating a vocal melody and sharing his philosophy in the lyrics.
13 Birth of a Song: “Are You That Somebody?”
Tim, Static Major and Aaliyah had less than 24 hours to write “Are You That Somebody?” In this lesson, Tim explains how they did it. He also explains skillful production methods for making great songs great.
14 Inspiration
Tim pays tribute to several great producers who came before him and explains how their influence helped him to form his own sound.
15 What’s next?
Tim believes that perseverance and dedication are crucial to success. Concluding his master class, he reveals what motivates him and how you can focus on your inspiration and goals.


CH 02 timbaland masterclass Beatbox \
CH 12 TMBD Make It Out Alive \
01 Introduction.ts
02 Studio Session – Making a Beatbox Beat.ts
03 Building Beats – Tim’s Process.ts
04 Making a Beat – Getting Warmed Up.ts
05 Song Origins – Dirt Off Your Shoulder.ts
06 Making a Beat – Starting With a Chord Progression.ts
07 Making a Beat – Tweaking and Layering Drums.ts
08 Song Origins – Pony.ts
09 Making a Beat – Manipulating Vocal Samples.ts
10 Making a Beat – Creating a Breakdown.ts
11 Song Origins – Gossip Folks.ts
12 Making a Beat – Adding a Topline.ts
13 Song Origins – Are You That Somebody.ts
14 Tim’s Influences.ts
15 How to Persevere.ts

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